The Indisputable Benefit
Of Having Multiple Acquirer Options

This week Paul talks with Bob Babb, Founder and Former Owner of The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute. Bob recounts the process he went through in choosing an acquirer, and the unique opportunity that Preparatory Consulting afforded him at “the 11th hour.”

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The Obvious Choice for Market Leaders

Watch Erich Herkloz, CEO of Strive Physical Therapy explain why he turned to Martin to help him build an industry-excellent company.


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We have assembled a network of experienced entrepreneurs. All have successfully built and managed physical therapy companies of their own and all are now dedicated to providing you with the broadest range of consulting expertise available in the rehab industry today.

Paul J. Martin

President & CEO

In 1993 Paul Martin decided to grow his 3-clinic rehab company in NJ. During the next 3 years he added 18 new clinics before partnering with NovaCare in 1996.

In 2000 Paul founded Martin Healthcare Advisors to provide consulting and M&A Advisory Services to the rehab industry. He and his team have helped more than 500 rehabilitation business owners grow and prosper using MHA’s strategic planning and execution.

As a consultant, mentor and speaker, Paul draws from his history of success in rehabilitation transactions, business development and operations to show business owners how to create significant organizational value.

David M. Pearce

Senior Consultant

Dave founded Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy in Eastern North Carolina in 2001, and with a strong emphasis on customer service, he grew it to six locations with revenues topping $6 million. He remains an owner and an executive of the company and works remotely from his home in Southern California.

Managing from a distance has taught Dave the crucial importance of sound business metrics, financial budgets and consistent communication.

Dave most enjoys working side by side with practice owners in his areas of expertise, which include practice management, company growth models, minority equity structures and ownership exit strategies.

Elaine Thomas

Senior Consultant

As a co-founder of PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health Services, Elaine built a 69-location, multi-million dollar outpatient physical therapy company and was primarily responsible for development through de novo and acquisition opportunities, creating a net revenue run rate greater than $30 million.

Elaine is our growth expert, specializing in start-ups, acquisitions, financial development and PT leases. Her extensive experience has allowed her to help our clients double or even triple their profits while maintaining clinical excellence and superior customer care.

Wayne Shaw

Senior Consultant

As a founder and an owner of Border Therapy in Texas, Wayne has built one of the strongest and most successful physical therapy companies in the state. Thanks to his leadership, Border produces consistently high profitability across 11 diverse sites.

With his strong operations experience, Wayne is able to raise the performance of his clients’ Clinical Directors to industry-excellent levels. He also possesses an exceptional ability to see business issues through to resolution and elevate his clients to new levels of profitability.

Alex Lief

Systems & Analytics Consultant

Alex has extensive experience creating operating and financial tools for the rehabilitation industry. He has a wealth of financial analyst experience and a passion to create new, user-friendly tools for owners who want to reach new levels of performance. He is particularly adept at integrating those tools with the QuickBooks files of our clients.

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