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Capital Gains Tax – How Much Will It Go Up On YOUR Deal?

We’ve all heard about the proposed tax changes, including the hike in Capital Gains Taxes. Join Paul for this Crucial Conversation with Tommy Kleinhans of the accounting firm Bowman & Company and learn how to calculate what the impact could be on YOUR deal. You may be surprised by the answer a careful analysis will yield. This is not a simple calculation after all. Click below and learn why.




 The Feds Just Disrupted Everybody's Thinking
About The Best Time To Sell

As any good tax accountant will tell you, "It ain't what you make, its what you keep!". Join Paul for this Special Market Update on what the predicted increase in capital gains taxes means for your Strategic Plan.


Track Your Referrals Now, Part 1

Join Paul as he explains how you can use the MHA Referral Tracking Tool to accurately track the performance of each of your referral sources.


 Track Your Referrals Now, Part 2

In the Referrals Game, you get what you ask for - if you have the data. Join Paul as he explains how the data from your Referral Tracker can form the foundation for a communication strategy that will keep your referrals - and your practice's value - growing steadily.