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APR 10 - PPP: Getting The Details Right - And - What About Other Programs?

Tommy Kleinhans, CPA is a Senior Accountant at Bowman & Company LLP and a total Ninja about PPP and similar programs. Join Paul's interview with Tommy and learn how you can get and keep your fair share of these programs.


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APR 09 - Recommendations From NYC: Serving Patients On The Front Lines

Dan Rootenberg owns 20 physical therapy clinics in the Greater New York City area. Join Paul as he asks Dan to share his incredible story of leading his people through this unprecedented crisis. Please note that their patients include health care workers from the front lines of this war.

After you watch the video, click the link below and read the CDC's April 8th Guidelines for safely allowing critical workers who may have been exposed to someone who tested positive to continue to work.

New CDC Guidelines for Safety Procedures for Critical Workers who may have been exposed to someone who tested positive. CLICK HERE

APR 02 - PPP: An Offer You Can't Refuse

Whether you need it or not, whether you use it or not, now is the time to reach out to your accountant and your banker and apply for the federal government's Paycheck Protection Program. Join Paul as he explains why this program can help you power through this crisis and come out on "the other side of the curve" prepared for growth.


March 30: Get Some Financial Dry Powder

Your company needs financial dry powder to power through this crisis and your banker has it. Now is the time to strengthen your relationship with your banker and develop your options for getting more capital when you need it.

Join Paul as he interviews Tom Carden, our own in-house banking expert and learn how to best approach your banker, what to offer and what to ask for. This is a very powerful interview!


March 27: A Multi-Clinic Company Shows How Moving Forward Vigorously As A Team Is The Best Way To Serve Your Community

Strive Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation is a highly respected, 21-clinic company in New Jersey. Their team is attacking this crisis proactively and vigorously on several fronts. Join Paul as he asks them to describe how they're achieving early success and how their community is responding.


March 25: Protect The Financial Health Of Your Business

You have to protect the health of your family, your employees and your patients.. You also have to protect your relationships with patients, referral sources and the community. AND you have to protect the financial health of your business.

Yes, it's quite a balancing act, but we believe that you're equal to the task. In fact, this could turn out to be your finest hour. Join Paul as he explains what you need to do to make sure you still have a business when this crisis finally subsides.


March 24 - From The Field - Andy Sotirokos of Solutions Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Alexandria, VA talks about how he is handling this crisis.

Andy has buit one of the largest, most innovative single clinic companies in America. Join Paul and learn how Andy is protecting his people, his patients - and his business through this extremely difficult time.


March 20 - Reimbursement for TeleHealth: Update From An Expert On The Front Lines

One of the most powerful and volatile aspects of this crisis for our industry is the question of how reimbursements for TeleHealth will be handled. Join Paul as he interviews Bryanne Johnson, owner of Lincoln Reimbursement Solutions for up-to-the-minute, expert advice from the field.


March 19 - Protecting your people's State of Mind, protecting your financial resources, exploring TeleHealth options.

Paul is in regular communication with many of the most respected owners of independent physical therapy companies across the country. Here are today's recommendations from what's being tried and what's working. The links and documents I refer to in this video are available here below the video.

Download H.R. 6201 - Paid Leave Summary


Telehealth Resources:

CMS Updates

CDC Updates

SBA Loan

Telehealth Resources:

CMS Updates 

CDC Updates

SBA Loan

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