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Why "Take The Lead"?

The recent wave of acquisitions has changed the competitive landscape of our industry forever. The large acquirers are well-funded, highly professional and committed to growth. In every market they enter they steadily become formidable competitors for patients, referral sources and therapists, often without independent owners noticing their growing presence in the market.

Independent owners will soon find themselves in one of two groups:

   1. Those Who Innovate and Lead Their Markets

   2. Those Who Are Left Behind

Our Growth Consulting Division is working with leading independent owners across the country, developing new strategies for profitable, sustainable growth despite the new competition. This innovative path to success has three dimensions: TARGET, DELIVER and MANAGE.

Target Where You Can Win

We offer new programs to help you:

  1. Update Your Strategy to outperform your new competitors.
  2. Boost Referral Generation with a Practice Liaison and engaging Social Media campaigns.
  3. Expand Your Footprint with new Start-Ups, Acquisitions and Hospital Contracts.

Deliver Unmatched Care & Service

We offer new programs to help you:

 1. Protect Your Market Position with niche programs fully integrated into your community.
 2. Develop Your Own New Leaders and managers to support steady, profitable growth.
 3. Maintain Clinical Excellence with industry-leading training and outcome programs.

Manage Your Resources

We offer new programs to help you:

 1. Improve Operational Efficiency without compromising clinical care.
 2. Increase Your Bottom Line with better financial controls.
 3. Retain Your People with industry-excellent ownership participation programs.

The obvious choice for Market Leaders

Watch Erich Herkloz, CEO of Strive Physical Therapy explain why he turned to Martin to help him build an industry-excellent company.


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